Zoom will be used regularly for live instruction during our scheduled class times throughout the school day.  Zoom will also be used for extra (optional) rehearsals with our staff members.  All dates and times for mandatory and optional zoom meetings will be posted within this tab and the Calendar tab for your convenience.


In order for students to join, all they need to do is click the link below for the appropriate class about 5 minutes before class is scheduled to start. Students will be sent to a waiting room until I officially begin the class. 

  1. Be on time and stay logged in for the duration of class. 

  2. Video must be on at all times.

  3. Mute should be on unless given permission to speak with Mr. Capote (See Chat).

  4. Make sure you have the Chat open.  Students who have a question for Mr. Capote should use the hand in the air function.

  5. Wear appropriate clothing (See TJUHSD Student Dress Code Policies).

  6. Appropriate background - Family Friendly (No posters/pictures in the background that may offend Mr. Capote/Classmates)


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