Welcome to the Tulare Union High School Music Department Website.  I would like to welcome back all our returning students and want to send a special welcome to all our new students and their families.  As you all are aware, 2020 has altered everyone's life and here we are now beginning a new school year with alterations.  The school year will begin with distance learning. 

Distance learning is not what I was looking forward to but Covid-19 is still spreading in our county and this is the route we are having to take to protect everyone from spreading the disease. 

As a member and a parent you may be wondering how will our activity work during this time?  

We all know that the students are a part of our department because they want to perform for a live audience.  The students are also a part of our groups because they have the opportunity to be with their friends, be a part of our groups and be part of a large social group.  And last, but not least, they get to go on trips and perform for other communities.

To begin the 2020-2021 school year we will not be able to focus on the ensemble aspect but the individual aspect of preparing for performance.  Students will be given the opportunity to better themselves as a musician/performer.  I know that doesn't sound as fun as being in rehearsal/performance with the entire ensemble but with the current circumstances this is the best that I can offer. 

My encouragement to all members is to practice and work on their skills.  This is a perfect time for those students who may be considering music in college to learn all their scales and work on etudes and much more.  Students who have a goal to join a Drum Corps or WGI group will have time to work up their skills to audition for these elite groups.  For all our other members your goal will be to play your instrument or work with your color guard equipment and become a better musician/performer.

It is my hope that we will return to school and be back together in the band room sometime during the 2020-2021 school year.  My hope is this will become a reality even if the process starts slowly. My ultimate wish is to see us all together rehearsing and performing for all our friends and families.

In order to start the year off successfully please follow the procedures I have listed below:

Google classroom will be used to message students as well as assign classwork.  Students have automatically been assigned into their classroom.  Please visit Aeries and look for the link to find the class.

Parents who would like to be notified when a new assignment or message is sent will need to send me your email and I will send you an invite.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  The best way to contact me is by email.  There are two ways to do so: email me at mario.capote@tulare.k12.ca.us or at the top of the page you can fill out the contact form.

I am looking forward to making 2020-2021 the best year I possibly can for the students. 

I urge everyone to have and maintain a positive attitude in order to have a great school year.

Mario Capote

Director of Instrumental Music 

Tulare Union High School